Purchase order
After receiving the purchase order, this order goes to the production department, where the 3D parts data, parts prototyping, and technical specifications are processed.
Mold construction
The production team starts working with the agreed technical documentation of the parts and subsequently to make a 3D model of the mold. Our preparations include analyzes of manufacturability, correct filling of the mold cavity, deformation analyzes, strength analyzes, which we perform using 3D CAD software. Subsequently, the materials and components for the assembly of the mold according to the design data are ordered.
Mold production
The production of the mold takes place after the approval of the design data and production documentation. The production department manufactures production technology, followed by CNC programming and the production of the necessary components, through various technologies such as milling, turning, electro-erosive machining, grinding, drilling, laser marking, surface treatment and others. These components are inspected for prescribed tolerances and manufacturing procedures. After the production of all parts, the assembly of parts into assemblies follows, which become an individual assembly-mold.
Form control
In order for everything to work properly, we thoroughly check and test each form. During the tests, checks of the tightness of the cooling circuits, the functionality of the hot pipes, the showering of the mold, the functionality of the moving parts, and the inspection of the hydraulic and air elements are performed.
Form export
After completing all the necessary tests, a practical test follows in our OSMOS PLASTICS press, in which samples are made. After successful sampling, the parts are inspected by the quality department according to the approved documentation on 2D and 3D measuring devices and a measurement protocol is issued. After its approval by the customer, the mold is prepared for transport to the customer, including complete technical documentation.

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